Top 10 Most Exquisite Watch Brands In The World 2021

There is something fascinating about being able to observe the passing of time.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have tried to do this by using different instruments and horological devices. From sundials to water clocks, it has been a long journey to get to the point that we are at now.  

The world’s first wristwatch was created by the (still operating) Swiss luxury watch brand, Breguet in 1812. It was made upon request from the sister of Napoleon Bonapart and the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat. At the time it was such a refined and exquisite creation that it opened the floodgates for all other wristwatches, which we enjoy today.

Luxury watch brands offer the wearer something more than just devices for telling the time. High-end luxury watch brands such as Rolex, OMEGA, Breitling, IWC, TAG Heuer reflect their own style, character and predilection through each timepiece. 

But not all luxury watch brands are seen as equal, with some just simply having a reputation for being more exquisite than others. 

In this article, we will look at some of the crème de la crème exquisite watch brands in the world.

A. Lange & Söhne

A highly exquisite watch brand, A. Lange & Söhne is a staple of German watchmaking excellence.

It’s not just Switzerland that makes great luxury timepieces. A. Lange & Söhne has separated itself from the herd with its unique Glashütte watch style that differs from Swiss styles.

Its timepieces are distinguishable by their “austere” design. The case and the dial are usually straightforward, assertive, and cogent, offering the wearer a degree of solace.


The watch brand that started it all.

One of the oldest watchmakers in the world, Breguet created the world’s first wristwatch in 1812. Its exquisite watches are distinguished by their coin-edge cases, guilloché dials and the watchmakers own Breguet hands‘.

Breguet watches have been and continue to be worn by many notable people including royalty, politicians, intellectuals, artists and entrepreneurs.


Originally a manufacturer or luxury watch movements in the 19th century, Piaget started making its own line of exquisite timepieces a century later.

Piaget began their journey by crafting elegant pocket watches and highly precise clock movements. The brand has been completely transformed through 4 generations of Piaget family leadership and is recognised today for its glamorous and daring designs.

Its exquisite timepieces continue to attract the attention of ‘high society‘ through their savoir-faire craftsmanship.

Patek Philippe

As one of the oldest watchmakers in the world, Patek Philippe is regarded by many as the most prestigious watch brand in the world.

And it’s easy to see why.

Having created the first-ever Swiss wristwatch, Patek Philippe has since produced some of the most exquisite timepieces for people like Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandel, Queen Elizabeth II, Pablo Picasso among many more.

Each timepiece contains an assortment of splendid decorations and subtle enrichments, making these exquisite watches very desirable.

Vacheron Constantin

Being the oldest watchmaker in the world is bound to create an aura of absolute prestige.

This is exactly what Vacheron Constantin has been able to capture in every one of its exquisite watches. When it comes to the fine art of watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin has left its mark on the world through its many innovations.

These include the world’s first timepiece that is able to withstand magnetic fields, producing the world’s thinnest manual winding movement and creating the most complicated mechanical watch ever made.

Louis Moinet

Legendary watchmaker Louis Moinet invented the world’s first chronograph.

His legacy and heritage live on through the Louis Moinet watch brand. A truly exquisite watchmaker, Louis Moinet specialise in producing only the finest timepieces using unconventional materials and avant-garde techniques.

Each Louis Moinet watch is either exclusively made, limited edition or a completely unique timepiece.


Using an unorthodox approach to watchmaking, Blancpain has remained one of the most exquisite watch brands since it made its first timepiece in 1735.

With only around 10,000 timepieces produced per year, each Blancpain watch is hand-assembled by a single watchmaker. This alone makes Blancpain watches highly sought-after.

Not to mention the level of craftsmanship that goes into making each (master)piece.

Blancpain knows how to be different and stand out. At a time when quartz movement was the standard, the watchmaker chose to go a different route. Its famous slogan is “Blancpain has never made a quartz watch and never will.

Roger Dubuis

The newcomer that took the world of luxury watches by storm.

Roger Dubuis was only founded in 1995, but has already managed to capture the hearts and the imagination of watch enthusiasts from around the world. Specialising in fine skeleton watchmaking, Roger Dubuis creates exquisite watches that are made up of several hundred components finished by hand.

Its bold and daring designs have allowed the brand to stand out from the rest and appeal to those who want to be different. Extravagance and an unorthodox approach to watchmaking are at the core of Roger Dubuis.

Recognised for its extraordinary work, Roger Dubuis has been awarded the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva.

Jaeger LeCoultre

Regarded as one of the most prestigious watchmaking brands in the world, Jaeger LeCoultre has changed the landscape of the luxury watch market.

Having developed hundreds of innovations and over a thousand movements, Jaeger LeCoultre has been able to produce some of the most exquisite timepieces in the world.

These include the smallest movement in the world, the world’s most complicated wristwatch (Grande Complication) and a near-perpetual clock (the Atmos clock).

Audemars Piguet

This Hollywood-favorite watch brand has been family-owned since it was founded in 1875.

Audemars Piguet or AP for short has proven to be one of the most exquisite watch brands in 2021. AP is famed for its Royal Oak watch collection, which became the world’s first luxury steel sports watches.

The design of this highly sought-after timepiece was inspired by the design of early diving helmets.

It’s creator, Gerald Genta, thought that “if the screws gripping the helmet’s faceplate were strong enough to avert water from getting in, the same can be applied for a watch”.

With around 90 per cent of the AP watches sold today is from the Royal Oak collection, it’s clear that he made the right choice with his design.

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