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Discover the best place to buy a Rolex online by comparing deals from a society of the most trustworthy Pre-owned luxury watch experts.



Ensure you are buying your Rolex from the most secure place possible to set you at ease.


Buying from a secure and trustworthy place matters but you also want to buy from a place that is most convenient for you.


The experience of buying your luxury watch should fill you with confidence and enjoyment. Making you a loyal customer for life, due to the service of purchase

Pre-owned Vs. Brand New

How to find the best place to buy a rolex online

When buying a luxury watch you want to be sure that you are buying it from a reliable and trustworthy source, especially when buying a Rolex. Rolex, the leading name in the luxury watch industry with an estimated net worth of $9.3bn, has over 4,000 watchmakers in their arsenal building and assembling their timepieces almost all by hand.

For Rolex to maintain their prestigious image and remain as the leading name in the luxury watch industry, they always ensure a high demand for their products. In order for anything to go up in value, it needs to have more demand oversupply. Rolex cleverly influences this process by controlling the supply of their watches, with encouraging customers to sign up to a waiting list in order to get their brand-new Rolex.

However, depending on various factors decided by the Swiss manufacturer you could end up on the waiting list for years, just to get your watch. This strict process for selling their watches makes it a challenge for even the most reputable Rolex collectors to get their hands on the latest models.

Not only does Rolex restrict the supply of their wristwatches, but they also have control over who can sell their watches and where. Watch manufacturers create relationships with certain watch dealers which results in the retailer becoming an Authorised Dealer of the watch. This means not only do you have to sign up to a waiting list, but you will also have to find a retailer that is the official authorised dealer of Rolex.

Since Rolex’s image revolves around exclusivity, you cannot just add a Rolex watch to your online cart and expect it to arrive at your door within the next week. No, in order to purchase a Rolex, you need to go through the proper channels, which involves booking an appointment at your local Rolex Authorised Dealer, sign up to the Rolex waiting list, and then wait up to 10 years just to get your watch (depending on what model you are after).

So, how do some people get their Rolex straight away? After hearing or even experiencing the long process to buy a Rolex, many people resort to other methods to obtain their Rolex, the most common of approach by many is by turning to the pre-owned luxury watch market.


In fact, the popularity of buying a pre-owned watch has seen the market to grow by 8% year on year until 2023, compared to the new luxury watch market that is estimated to shrink in size by a massive 25 to 35% next year.

The growth of the pre-owned watch market has most likely been influenced by individuals who are drawn to more competitive prices and access to high demand models. This makes it a great place for newcomers and existing watch collectors to acquire their watches.

Compared to the exclusivity of buying a brand-new watch, the pre-owned watch market is highly accessible and often very competitive. Instead of being restricted on the type of model you can get in a given area or the time it takes to get a watch, the pre-owned market allows individuals to instantly get their hands on the watch they want whilst receiving it within the near future.

Due to the fact that when buying a Rolex from an Authorised Dealer you need to sign up to the manufacturers waiting list, the best place to buy a Rolex online is therefore by finding it through the pre-owned market.

With the growth of the pre-owned market rising dramatically it has fuelled the development of new ways to buy and sell a watch. Instead of having to turn to an Authorised Dealer to buy a specific branded watch, you can now turn to online marketplaces, pre-owned dealers, Watchforms as well as some Authorised Dealers that have a pre-owned watch section.

Below we explore not only the best place to buy a Rolex online but also what kind of Rolex collections have been the most popular and the models that are the best to invest in.


Wider Availability and choice of watches
Instant Purchasinng process
Can buy Rolex Online – Instead of having to go intore.
Opportunity to get up to a 20% discount depending on model variation
Access to more desirable models, and vintage era watches (perfect for collectors)
More Vulnerable to conterfiet attacks

Brand New

Ability to develop a strong relationship with authorised dealer (which may or may not lead you to eventually be more favourable in waitinng lists)
Full Manufactures Warranty with the watch
Get the benefit of having a completely brand new watch
Limited to store’s selction
Usually no discount
Have to sign up to a rolex waiting list – which could potentially take years for you to see your watch.

Most Popular

Discover the best selling Rolex models Online

Rolex Submariner Collection | Wristwatches360

#1 Submariner

Recognised as one of the most iconic dive watches ever made, the Rolex Submariner is the height of sports luxury.

View Collection >

Rolex Daytona Collection | Wristwatches360

#2 Daytona

Designed to meet the requirements of a professional racing car driver, the Rolex Daytona is an icon in name, function and aesthetic.

View Collection >

Datejust Collection | Wristwatches360

#3 Datejust

Launched in 1945 as the First waterproof self-winding chronometer, the Datejust is one of the most sought after pre-owned Rolex watch to date, due to its timeless elegance.

View Collection >

Other collections

explore the rest of rolex’s iconic collections


Rolex Yatch-Master II Collection
Rolex GMT-Master II Collection
Rolex Yatch-Master Collection
Rolex Explorer II Collection
Rolex Sky-Dweller Collection
Rolex Explorer Collection
Rolex Sea-Dweller Collection
Rolex Day-Date Collection
Rolex Milgauss Collection
Rolex Cellini Collection

Investment Opportunity

features that will help you Identify the best watches to collect for investment



Rolex’s competitive advantage of having the ability to produce a higher standard of stainless steel sports watches has increased market demand, resulting in many watches of this material to almost double its worth of its original retail value – Like the Daytona 116500LN. The sheer demand for a stainless steel Rolex seems to make this material the best watches to collect for investment, in comparison to gold or two-tone materials.

Includes Box & Papers

Although obtaining a watch with box and papers isn’t necessary, when you buy a watch with these qualities, it will make your wristwatch a much more attractive investment. This not only confirms the authenticity of the watch but it also gives you the ability to charge more for all the original documents – in the event you actually want to sell it.

Service History

When searching for the right watch you always want to be sure you are buying quality and not someones overprice trash. If you are buying a watch that has a few years on the clock (don’t mind the pun) you want to ensure the watch is in working condition. Long service history will provide you with the satisfaction that whilst in the hands of its original owner, it was always well maintained.


If you don’t do anything else, always make sure the condition of the watch is up to standards. No matter if you are buying a vintage or pre-owned watch, the condition of your watch should be in good condition, unless it adds special value. In many cases, a watch may be valued more in the aftermarket if the watch has been kept in top notch. However, there are some exceptions, such as when the vintage Rolex Daytona went up in value depending on the fade of its dial – giving it a rustic brown reflection.

Original parts

A luxury watch requires a certain amount of upkeep from time to time. Depending on the age of the watch the internal movement is one thing that will require more attention than the rest of the watch. The internal movement of a watch is fragile and may require repairs and replacements. But in order for this watch to maintain its value, it is a safe bet to try and ensure the parts used to replace the watch (if it has needed replacement) are all from the original manufacturer.


Why have you decided you want a Rolex? is it because you think there craftmanship is so much more superior and unique compared to Hublot or Richard Mille or is it because its reputation proceeds it? My point is, the heritage of a watch matters, especially for popularilty which results in high demand and high after market value. Each model has a story in order to learn which one is a better investment than another listen to their stories. Explore how a watch like the Rolex Daytona became an icon in motorsport history, or why the Rolex GMT-Master became known as the ‘pepsi’.

Best for investment

Here is the Best Rolex to buy for investment based on model popularity

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi | Wristwatch360


GMT-Master II
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona | Wristwatches360


Rolex Explorer II | Wristwatches360


Rolex Submariner Hulk | Wristwatches360


Rolex GMT-Master II Batman | Wristwatches360


GMT-Master II

TOP RATED watch dealers

Review our list of the best places to buy a Rolex online

Since the pre-owned market isn’t regulated by authorised watch dealers or the manufacturers themselves, it is important to identify the best place to buy a Rolex online, based on its: Trustworthiness, security and pricing.

Here we list the numerous ways to buy a pre-owned luxury watch the right way whilst highlighting the most reputable places to turn to, allowing you to judge for yourself the best place to buy a Rolex online.

Our opinion…

Why recommend eBay as the best place to buy a Rolex online from

Personally, having explored all the various methods to buy a pre-owned watch from, we believe each approach has its own benefits. However, interestingly the place that we believed would be the one of the most unlikely places to buy a Rolex online actually became our number 1 choice for the best place to buy a Rolex online. We are of course talking about the world’s largest online domestic auction site, eBay.

At the time of this article being written we were analysing the best place to buy a Rolex online by evaluating various platforms based on: Buyer security, watch authenticity, platform trustworthiness and customer perception. After having conducted the research and compared each method, much to our astonishment we had a clear winner… eBay.

Since opening its doors in 1995, eBay has become a multinational company by establishing itself in over 30 countries worldwide, providing customer-to-customer and business-to-customer sales. The site today has over 182 million users with 1.3 billion products listed on their platform, 80% of which are listed as brand new/ next-to new.

This wide adoption of eBay has gathered the attention of luxury watch buyers and sellers alike to utilise the platform.  Many established watch dealers have become a familiar sight when scanning the luxury watch listings, as it has allowed them to move stock off their shelves faster to make room for new stock.

As eBay has recognised that more and more people are attracted to eBay to obtain their pre-owned luxury watches, the company has invested heavily in providing new procedures to enable the safety and security of their buyers. Developing their pre-owned watch sector into a more specialised marketplace for the watch community.

In order for the company to tackle problems that face the luxury watch industry and to alleviate concerns of buying such a luxury good online, the company has altered their traditionally simplistic process.

eBay has taken onboard the comments and feedback given to them by their customers to improve their purchasing process for the pre-owned watch market. The company has recognised the importance of security, convenience and service of purchase.


They have demonstrated this by providing a third-party authentication firm, that intercepts the delivery of the watch and conducts a multi-point inspection. This inspection confirms the items received is consistent with the listing title, description, images and then concludes the evaluation with a multi-point physical inspection to confirm authenticity of the watch.

This third-party authentication process which eBay has included into their service places them in a strong position against their competitors in the online marketplace for luxury watch, such as Chrono24. Chrono24, another online marketplace is similar to eBay except it only sells watches. However, the company has just recently added a 7.5% buyers fee for every watch, whereas eBay allows users to buy and sell watches and provides a curtesy authentication inspection with no extra cost.

To ensure every watch sold on the online marketplace the company has created a partnership with a third-party authenticator, stroll and co. When buying a watch over $2,000 on eBay. They have also set up an escrow service which will protect the buyer if their purchase is above $10,000, meaning that their money is always safe.

Apart from the main reasons highlighted above eBay also ensures secure transport of the watch, by enforcing a signed delivery service.

We recommend eBay as the best place to buy a Rolex online, for their heavy investment into buyer protection and their potential future investment into the pre-owned market in the industry. Not only this but the vast wealth of listings on the platform allows a more competitive price bracket for the watch of your desires. Many high valued watches have already been bought from eBay, the most notable being the Patek Philipe Grand Complication, which went for $580,000.

Buyer Protection

Buyer protection has become the most important aspect of buying a luxury watch on eBay. So much so that they have taken onboard customer feedback to invest to tackle exactly that. They have brought in a third-party authenticator to certify a watch that is sold over $2,000, as well as holding your payment in escrow for any watch deal over $10,000. They have also focused on improving the transportation process by making it a signed delivery transition.

Extensive Range

Want to find the biggest range of watches? You need to go to a place where millions of people go to sell. eBay is one of the biggest if not the biggest online auction site in the world. They sold over two million watches last year and continue to sell millions more. The benefit of buying from eBay is that you aren’t just getting an offer from one place. You can choose and compare from thousands of reputable stores.

Competitive Pricing

There are many different places to buy a luxury watch from. However, when you are shopping from one pre-owned dealer, you are being restricted to their terms. Each pre-owned dealer has their own conditions and ratings for each watch. This can change from store to store, which means by visiting a marketplace like eBay these stores are compared on the platform. This can position the stores to price their products at a more competitive rate. Leaving you with a much better deal for you.

Spend less time finding the best watch deal

Are you someone that always wants to find the best deal possible? Instead of spending hours scouring hundreds listings from various websites, why not let us do the work for you… for free.

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