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We are a luxury watch blog that aims to give you an in-depth view of the watch industry by not only exploring the most expensive timepieces out there but ones that offer so much craftsmanship and aesthetic that it is worthy of your wrists.

How it all started

Max Laird | Wristwatches360

Max Laird, Founder

My obsession with wristwatches developed from a very young age. Beginning from the times of sitting with our outer family, when I would get to “play” with my uncle’s Tag Heuer Professional watch – a piece which had a rotating bezel that kept me entertained for hours.

As I grew older my friends and I would jump from watch boutique to watch boutique, looking at all the wild forms the watch faces took. Trying to pretend that we had enough money at the time to buy them – but being 13 years old, we definitely did not. Which as you can imagine, ended in us getting kicked out within 5 minutes of entering the store – Unless we were lucky enough to get an assistant that would take pity on us. This fascination of the watches formed into an obsession, leading myself to build a watch collection of my own.

As my obsession grew, I began to learn more about the watch industry, delvingn into the whole evolution of monitoring time. From it’s influenced in space expeditions to the deepest depths of the sea. Yet, with these monumental milestones in history, the many brands in the watch industry still fail to project its brilliance in the modern age. So I have created an online environment that tries to capture a wider view, a 360 angle, of many different types of watches in the watch industry – hence the name. 


Personal Watch Collection

5 Pieces
3 Rolex’s
2 Tag Heuer’s

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