3 comments on “Isofrane dive strap review

  1. G’dday Bryn (wristwatches360),,,,
    I love watching yr reviews on time-pieces and your accent is MAD also. You need to promiswe me one thing BRYN ans that is that you’ll never stop doing these watch reviews any time soon. PLEASE DON’T STOP ANYTIME SOON because yr the best. You explain things In a simple and slower way than most. Which allows one to understand you better……Thanx Bryn. Keep up the great work. !!!!

    O and the isofrane watch band is the very best money can buy BAR NONE !!!! for those that have never tried one please buy one today you can’t explain what there like you have to wear one to understand. Like a good woman hard to explain what you experienced one has to go there them self’s to appreciate the full feeling of these watch bands….

  2. Quick question: will isofranne fit very tight space between case and bars? At 5.5mm at lugs, would seem almost impossible, but need to know. Thanks much.

    • The Isofrane is among the thickest straps at lug area that I have seen. In most cases it simply looks awesome, since it reduces any gap between the star and the case, but I don’t really know what you mean by 5,5 mm at lugs ?

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